Check out our wonderful cocktails and syrups!!

Events and Booking

Need cocktails at your next event? Tired of the same ole whiskey-ginger and glass of rosé? Let us curate your cocktail experience and give your guests something to fawn over!

We offer:

- Private home tastings of T2T's current product line, introducing your guests palates to new flavor profiles and exploring the world of craft cocktail products. Perfect for intimate dinner parties, wedding showers, birthdays, etc.

- Bar service (complete with bartender) providing T2T cocktails (OR create personalized drinks specific to your event), so you spend time with your guests and forget about the logistics . Perfect for gallery events, pop ups, weddings, etc.

- Pre-batched (but always fresh!) T2T craft cocktails to serve (without a bartender) for guests to enjoy creating on their own, with handmade garnishes to complete the cocktail experience. Perfect to accompany any gathering that requires less service but tons of flavor!

--- Private cocktail classes coming soon! ---


Contact ATALEOFTWOTINS@GMAIL.COM to start planning how to transform your every day party into your own personal soiree!